Friday, November 14, 2008

Tough Month!

So far i think window vista is quite difficult to use if compare with window XP.I think may be i never try to use window vista.Moreover my lovely laptop has part of the files and documents are being corrupted,OMG!! According to the PC sales promoter,window vista is quite sensitive with files and documents from window XP.I think may be i've copied some of the files from my sister's laptop(which is window XP)and then causing my files and documents corrupted.My sister told me her friend was facing a same problem with me,haiz......That's why i have to go back to low yat and take back my files and documents from the shop that i bought. My New Laptop- HP Pavilion DV4-1O38TX
My Cool Babe!!
I just got my 3D Studies projects marks.My Bee's styrofoam animal structure got 73 and my Malaysian fruits wooden box as well got 73,they are the highest marks in my class.It is worth that i sacrified my sleeping times for these two projects.I will upload my Wooden box pictures to share with you guys soon. =) Now gonna start another new project which is our final project in this semester as well.This time is a group project which is 2 person in a group.Title is Hanging Mobile.We can choose any country in this time,and find out their culture and create into the hanging mobile.Will show you guys this projects once I complete it with my group member.If our first,second and third projects are failed,therefore we need to retake the subject in next yeat again.Besides that,still have other assignments that I need to rush in this month because 6th of december start is my holiday until next year 4th of January and this month is my tough month as well.That's why all the best to me ya! =(

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elsalimin said...

woooahhhh!!!! congratulations on having the highest marks babe!!!