Friday, November 14, 2008

Tough Month!

So far i think window vista is quite difficult to use if compare with window XP.I think may be i never try to use window vista.Moreover my lovely laptop has part of the files and documents are being corrupted,OMG!! According to the PC sales promoter,window vista is quite sensitive with files and documents from window XP.I think may be i've copied some of the files from my sister's laptop(which is window XP)and then causing my files and documents corrupted.My sister told me her friend was facing a same problem with me,haiz......That's why i have to go back to low yat and take back my files and documents from the shop that i bought. My New Laptop- HP Pavilion DV4-1O38TX
My Cool Babe!!
I just got my 3D Studies projects marks.My Bee's styrofoam animal structure got 73 and my Malaysian fruits wooden box as well got 73,they are the highest marks in my class.It is worth that i sacrified my sleeping times for these two projects.I will upload my Wooden box pictures to share with you guys soon. =) Now gonna start another new project which is our final project in this semester as well.This time is a group project which is 2 person in a group.Title is Hanging Mobile.We can choose any country in this time,and find out their culture and create into the hanging mobile.Will show you guys this projects once I complete it with my group member.If our first,second and third projects are failed,therefore we need to retake the subject in next yeat again.Besides that,still have other assignments that I need to rush in this month because 6th of december start is my holiday until next year 4th of January and this month is my tough month as well.That's why all the best to me ya! =(

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Greater Satisfaction!!

YEAH~~!!! Finally I got my own laptop!! =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally My First Project Was Submitted =)

This early morning was had my 3D studies class and I was submitted my first project in my semester 1.Before I left my house,my mother accidently fell my project on stairs,my bee's legs and wing were broken.Ended up I still sticked it back and submitted to my lecturer.
Today still got many students can't submit their project.That's why as lecturer said,if late to pass up then it will be deducted 5 marks in each day.Anyway,I had taken some of my classmates projects as well,let me show you guys here...
It is a dog that playing a ball

It is a rabbit stand under a tree.Her cube cut till so small,nice right?

A tiger.It quite alike as 10,000 B.C that tiger right?

A very huge crocodile

A turtle is laying eggs

A nemo fish in the sea.It look quite attractive isn't it?

A cat that look very real and cute

A bird inside the cage

A colourful parrot

Lastly,my BEE in the garden

So,how do you think about my classmates' projects?Nice right?It is another new project waiting forward to.I will show you guys once i done. =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tired and tough week to me

Yaya..I realized i've got so many days didn't update my blog.I almost breathless because of my assignments,especially the 3D animal structure which is need to combine with all the styrofoam small cube and cut those cube one by one.To do this assignment,I've got two days didn't slp properly.This is because of my saturday and sunday need to work from 10am-10pm.That's why sunday night once i finished work and got back to home,I immediately started to continue this 3D animal structure and i did it until monday morning 8 o clock and then took a nap till 12pm and then turned back to this assignment again until this morning 6 o clock which is non stop besides lunch and dinner la.I though the submission date suppose is today,who knows I did a mistake because it suppose to submit in tomorrow,moreover it still causing me late to my class in this morning,haiz.........

Anyway,just want to update my blog to refresh all my daily life.I have uploaded some of my 3D animal structure pictures.I choosen Bee as my animal in this assignment,hehe...

My Bee which is combined with don't know how many thousand cubes

My Bee with its sunflower.(Extra things that we made will be given extra marks)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Assignment!! Assignment!!!

Finally finished first week of my class.Oh my god!! My assignments added in day by is just like a mountain to me now,moreover some of them have to pass up in next week,this saturday and sunday I still need to work at The Garden which is start from 10am to 10pm,Oh My Godness!! I duno i still hv how many time left now,shouldn't take any job to work now.Yet,there is no choice to me because have to earn money to buy my baby laptop,sigh~~
Although my life is very packed now,but I love my current life since I'm doing what I wish to do.I still find out around my college there have a lot of shop lots and restaurant,such as DIGI centre,MAXIS centre,Sports TOTO,Art shop,Cyber Cafe,KFC,and a lot of chinese food stalls and restaurant.It is very convenience to me to get something to eat when my break time.Sometimes still can buy TOTO at there,muahaha~~
Alright I have to rush my assignments first,recently might less sitting in front of my computer although my msn is stating online status,actually is away la(my style).If really have anything want to find me can directly call me or sms me even better =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My First Day Design Class

I seem like very long time didn't update my blog right?Actually these few days i was fallen in sick,that's why can't update my precious blog.
By the way,today was my first day to attend my class.I was late to class in this early morning.Suppose have to be there at 9am,yet i reach there around 9.15am.The first class is English class.It is not as our primary or secondary school that kind of english class.It is not teaching us about grammar,vocabulary or compound words....etc.It is a lesson that teach us how to communicate in english.Lecturer gave us this semester schedule and arranged us few assignments.
Afterthat,the second class was started at 1pm.It was fundamental drawing class.Lecturer as well as gave us this semester schedule.I like this class!Moreover,next week we gonna have a outdoor trip which is going to National Art Gallery.Yet,the lecturer as well as arranged us a lot of assignments.He gave us this week and next week assignment.This week assignment is sketch out 50 pages sketches which is subject could be able to interest you.But must sketch with different graphic la.then,when this class still left out 30min,lecturer asked us to draw a picture to him.He was putting a vase+a bottle+few pcs of woods at a table.Therefore,we have to sketch the few things in our drawing paper.Around 4.10pm like that only i done it.Then,went to library to listen some of the instructions from another lecturer.Afterthat only I ciaoz~
So,now I have to rush a lot of assignments,since my lecturer ask us dun rush in last minutes because still have alot of upcoming assignments waiting for us,sigh..........

Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!!

This afternoon went to Midvalley AGAIN with my mummy and her aunty gangs.But,she was shopping with her friends and I was going to Starbuck had my drink alone.I was sitting there from 2 something noon until 4.30p.m.Of course I'm not only enjoyed the drink la,as well as read my ifeel magazine at there.I think recently i started to feel addicted to ifeel magazine,hehe~
Around 4.30pm,my mommy called me to meet her and my sister because we have to leave.Then,I bought a Giordano cardigan which is only RM50.10 after discount,cheap right?hehe...
Oh ya,tomorrow is hari raya eve,wish everyone have a happy HARI RAYA! hahahaha

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hair Cut

This morning went to Midvalley with Vyon and Anne.This is because Vyon asked us to accompany her to meet an agent to discuss an upcoming job.Unfortunately,the wages is only RM70/day + commission(RM5/voucher).The job scope is selling fitness gym voucher at subang area.Once i heard that,i told him I can't commit at all because have other job to work,haha!

After the shortly interviewed,Anne,Vyon and I went to Kim Gary to have our lunch and chit chat since we had long time no meet.Actually I planned to have my hair cut after our lunch.Oh my godness,almost the hair saloons i went to ask also RM88++ for only wash and cut!! Anyone can introduce me a salon to have my hair cut,cheap and nice please~Ended up I asked my mom come to fetch me back since there is so much expensive.Afterthat my mom fetched me to kuchai lama a boutique to look for my white colour pant because I plan to buy a white skinny jeans,but there is only L size left,too bad~!! =(
ELSA,your birthday finally ENDED!! yoohhooooo......Thanks god!!! haha

Happy Birthday to ELSA!!! (wednesday) was a so called meaningful day to me because at least I no need to stay bored at home.This morning I was received Wei Ee's call(xian's friend) about the upcoming celcom job.That was Xian's mummy fetched us to their Puchong office,moreover her mummy was waiting us since 3p.m until 5.20p.m at old town restaurant,awesome mother~!!The training was started at 3p.m,ended around 5.20p.m.Actually I still have to be comfirm friday I can work for them or not due to my college timetable because it still haven't announce to us.Hope
friday there is no class for me,pray hard!!Then,i can fulfill all the working days.

After training,xian and I went to a photo centre which is nearby my house area to take our passport size photos.It was taking our 15-20 minutes time to collect the photo,RM14 for 6pcs photos plus a photo softcop,cheap and efficient right?Yet,I taken it in twice because my face look extremely big.I hate to take passport size photo because could not be able to adjust nice angle.Let's me show you guys my photo here:

How do you think about this?haiz....

While waiting for the photo,I was accompanied Xian and her mother dined at a vegetarian shop,nice food at there,but i can't dine at there since my mom has cooked.

After dinner,I went to Pavilion watched movie with the small eye one.We watched "DEATH RACE".Nice movie,but quite cruel and disgusting.Perharps like this only can gave us the excited feeling,haha!

Oh ya,one more thing!! ELSA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! May all your dreams come true!! Remember study hard,don't too wild at there,haha~!!Don't worry,i will give you present.My still have a lot of your girls clothes can't be selling out,the rest I will give you as your present when you come back from aussie,muaksss!!haha....Happy Birthday my dearest SA~

Monday, September 22, 2008

Say NO to KFC!!!

My friend just sent me an email.It is talking about my favourite fast food KFC & McD.Here are part of the attached pictures:

The famous KFC & McD

Everytime when we want to order at KFC,but still have such many drumsticks or chicken wings for us?

This is because of Americans have injected some chemical inside the chicken's body,causing them fast growing in two weeks time.Therefore,they can transfer all those chickens to China and earn more money.

That's why those chickens once they born out are all without fur,moreover got extra few legs or wings

The rest of their parts/organs are used to be our "side orders" at KFC restaurant,OMG!

We seldom could able to see foreigners eat at KFC/McD.As we known that KFC is innovated by foreigner,yet they dislike to eat,what is the reason?I think it is obvious right?Western fast foods are always our chinese people's favourite,especially kids!!That's why nowaday kids are almost overweight.Please stay far away to western fast food!! I hope i could be able to do it,haha...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anti Disloyalty Bitch!!!

At noon,I cooked spaghetti and chicken soup as my lunch.Afterthat went to Leisure Mall.Planned to watch movie.Yet,part of the new movies are still coming soon and the rest I've already watched.Ended up,we just walked around in the mall. =(

At night,I've date my family at cheras 不见不散restaurant to have ours dinner.Since i got my salary for so long,but still havn't spend them a meal.This time satu kali settle them,haha..Total amount for 6 person is RM112.25.I think it is worth.Thanks to my parents and jim for being my drivers when i needed to work. =)
Damn hate the disloyalty bitch!!Feeling like to slap her!Fine...I would never count with a bitch!! Calm down Belindle.............

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nice to meet u,Little Charlie~!!! =)

Sorry that few days didn't update my blog because these days my life were almost the same.Sleep,eat,watch TV and taken medicine,quite boring in these few days.

This afternoon Sarah came to my house wif her is kinda cute!! When my dad and jim saw Charlie,their first minded were thinking of the way to cook it.My dad was suggested it cooking in a covered vessel and jim was suggested it cooking in spicy taste or steamboat style,muahaha.My dad still used a lighter to tease little Charlie,poor Charlie!!

Little Charlie on my hand...kinda cute..poor charlie (**got a blur owner**)

When time reach to evening,my house just left my 2nd sister and I.i felt very boring,that's why I found a horror movie from jim's laptop.OMG,it is incredible disgusting!!Initially my sister and I still planned to cook spaghetti as ours dinner.Ended up,we were no more appetite to eat spaghetti.Therefore,we decided to wait for mummy ta pao for us ,poor us =(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Virus Infection!!!

These few days always feel unlucky.Yesterday I went back to KC school,think to collect my testimonial.Unfortunately,school holiday!!! arrgg!! At night,my modem was failed to connect to the internet,that's why can't surf net and update my blog. arrgg!!
This morning when i woke up,suppose need to work at PWTC,but my eyes felt pain and red,initially,my sister told me it might be eyes infection.At noon,mama and sis fetch me to Tung Shin Hospital to visit eyes specialist.In conclusion,I got Virus Infection and it is so called "red eyes".It could spread to people when I talk,cough or via my saliva.Don't worry,it would not spread via looking at my eyes.This stupid question was my mom asked me when in front of the doctor.Then,doctor said it is doesn't matter if look at my eyes,would not being spread.Doctor consulted me do not wear my contact lense within 2 weeks,and it might recover at least a week or more than it,depends on my immune system,sigh....I think at least a week I can't work again,when can I achieve my goal!!! sigh...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festival !!

Yesterday was sick,heavy flu some more,that's why without update my blog.Today MC,no
working.Yet,I still need to help my customers transfer songs into their mp3 & mp4 and then still
have to go two of the different places to meet them and pass their mp3 & mp4 to them,kinda job
no more next time,hmmp~!
At night,went to gradma's house to have our dinner,buffet style.My cousins were busy to play
their lantern,adults were busy to chit chat,but I was boring to watch tv program,yawn...By the
way,still want to wish everyone HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL~!! ^^

Friday, September 12, 2008

No more Philips!!

Just finished work.Today work at low yat,promote mp3 & mp4.Philips' officer came at noon and
want me to push sales,at least must have 3 unit sold,blame this and blame that,ish~AT
night,have a customer interested for the mp4,but he wants us to help him transfer songs and
video into the mp4 because he don't know how to do that.Yet,the shop's supervisor said can't
help him to do it,the customer asked me to help him then only he will buy it.No choice,because
really need sales for today.Therefore,he bought it and i also need to bring it back to my house
and transfer songs and video for him.Sunday evening he will come to collect it.Haiz...such little
pay but still wan to do such many work and being scolded.No more Philips!! hmmpp!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boring Day !!!

A hot day!!!

Accompany mama and her friends taken lunch at kuchai lama.

Once back to home,Keep chasing my Hong Kong TVB series Resonance Moonlight until episode 30 !!Thumbs up for this drama!!

The following time am just used it to suft net and watched tv programmes...

Boring day~! HELP =(

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Preparation For October Intake!!

TOTO result was out today,we bought 13 numbers.Yet,there is no one get prizes.Would try my luck in nextime again,haha!

This afternoon was accompany him to go out for lunch,found that he is unhappy.Yet,I can't help him at all,feeling sad to see him moody & unhappy,sigh~Pray hard for you,all the best in ur career n whatever you facing now.I believe that luck will come to you soon! ^^

I realized that a lot of stuffs are needed me to do in this month.Especially for my October Intake...mmmhh...
  1. Need to get back to my secondary school to collect testimonial from teacher
  2. Snap passport size photo*4 pcs* for registration form
  3. Work hard & earn up to 4k for my laptop & a handphone
  4. Enjoy my last month "long vacation"!! =(
  5. still thinking......................................

Actually this month is my bestie ELSA birthday,luckily she is not in M'sia,that's why I can save for the present money,hehe! ^^

Now wanna get some mooncake to eat 1st,a lot of mooncake flavours,yeeepee~~!!hehe..see ya!

My first blog!

I think this is the second time i have my own blog.The first blog i had was Xanga which is introduced by my friends Elsa and Sarah.In the end,its life still can't be last long...Suddenly feeling like to have a blog,to release my feeling n life stories,perhaps this is the right place to let me release my feeling.

Today(Tuesday),jim fetched me to my agency office to collect salary.Feeling great to hold 2k!! (half is mine,half is belongs to rachel).Afterthat,we went to have our lunch at foodcourt which is near by my house.Actually i taken my lunch at home,that's why i only ordered a coconut drink.After taken lunch,we went to buy TOTO,this is our first time to share buy TOTO,moreover this is my first time to buy TOTO!!Actually we just want to try our luck,but MONEY he paid la..haha~!!

At night,after dinner at my house jim n I were going to Midvalley for our movie MONEY NOT ENOUGH 2 which is 9.30pm show.When he was dinning at my house,i kept chasing him to eat faster,because every time we sure late for our show.Around 9p.m we reached to midvalley.I kept chasing him to walk faster,worry there is no more tickets for us.Yet,he still slow motion,arrggg~!!When i ready to purchase tickets,suddenly in front of my face had pop up two movie tickets!!ahaha..that is very suprised!Then,he told me the tickets he bought it before came to my house take dinner...Thank you dear....!! I think i must thumbs up for this movie,it is greatly draw out our current life which is inflation,economy problem and as well as the Maternal Love!! It's touching my heart and I was crying like hell in the cinema.I think i will buy a DVD for my parents to watch it,since they don't like to watch movie in cinema,but pirate one la..hahaha~!

You demanded me to grow taller again,sigh..Actually I really like to be myself,don't really like to have any changes,perhaps in your mind what i said all are the excuses to you.But,I just don't like to force myself to do something that I don't like.It is same theory as I ask you to change your bad temper right?But,you are same in given me excuse which is guy must have temper only can success in doing their stuffs.Everytime only you're right,what I said are bull shit.Anyway,i will give myself a try if it can make you feel happy because i know u as well as sacrified a lot of things for me.Glad to have you...**appreciate**