Friday, October 10, 2008

Assignment!! Assignment!!!

Finally finished first week of my class.Oh my god!! My assignments added in day by is just like a mountain to me now,moreover some of them have to pass up in next week,this saturday and sunday I still need to work at The Garden which is start from 10am to 10pm,Oh My Godness!! I duno i still hv how many time left now,shouldn't take any job to work now.Yet,there is no choice to me because have to earn money to buy my baby laptop,sigh~~
Although my life is very packed now,but I love my current life since I'm doing what I wish to do.I still find out around my college there have a lot of shop lots and restaurant,such as DIGI centre,MAXIS centre,Sports TOTO,Art shop,Cyber Cafe,KFC,and a lot of chinese food stalls and restaurant.It is very convenience to me to get something to eat when my break time.Sometimes still can buy TOTO at there,muahaha~~
Alright I have to rush my assignments first,recently might less sitting in front of my computer although my msn is stating online status,actually is away la(my style).If really have anything want to find me can directly call me or sms me even better =)


elsalimin said...


welcome back to uni life bell bell!!!=) u study design sure many many assignments lerr...dont tink u got time to work de lorr....

study hard!!! all the best in your assignments babe! *muaksss*


S'NG said...

same situation im having now.hahah!i need to thk hard to stole some time to do my studies.i have to vomit out thousands words for my coming assignment.anyway take good care of yourself.drk more water!