Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My First Day Design Class

I seem like very long time didn't update my blog right?Actually these few days i was fallen in sick,that's why can't update my precious blog.
By the way,today was my first day to attend my class.I was late to class in this early morning.Suppose have to be there at 9am,yet i reach there around 9.15am.The first class is English class.It is not as our primary or secondary school that kind of english class.It is not teaching us about grammar,vocabulary or compound words....etc.It is a lesson that teach us how to communicate in english.Lecturer gave us this semester schedule and arranged us few assignments.
Afterthat,the second class was started at 1pm.It was fundamental drawing class.Lecturer as well as gave us this semester schedule.I like this class!Moreover,next week we gonna have a outdoor trip which is going to National Art Gallery.Yet,the lecturer as well as arranged us a lot of assignments.He gave us this week and next week assignment.This week assignment is sketch out 50 pages sketches which is subject could be able to interest you.But must sketch with different graphic la.then,when this class still left out 30min,lecturer asked us to draw a picture to him.He was putting a vase+a bottle+few pcs of woods at a table.Therefore,we have to sketch the few things in our drawing paper.Around 4.10pm like that only i done it.Then,went to library to listen some of the instructions from another lecturer.Afterthat only I ciaoz~
So,now I have to rush a lot of assignments,since my lecturer ask us dun rush in last minutes because still have alot of upcoming assignments waiting for us,sigh..........

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