Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tired and tough week to me

Yaya..I realized i've got so many days didn't update my blog.I almost breathless because of my assignments,especially the 3D animal structure which is need to combine with all the styrofoam small cube and cut those cube one by one.To do this assignment,I've got two days didn't slp properly.This is because of my saturday and sunday need to work from 10am-10pm.That's why sunday night once i finished work and got back to home,I immediately started to continue this 3D animal structure and i did it until monday morning 8 o clock and then took a nap till 12pm and then turned back to this assignment again until this morning 6 o clock which is non stop besides lunch and dinner la.I though the submission date suppose is today,who knows I did a mistake because it suppose to submit in tomorrow,moreover it still causing me late to my class in this morning,haiz.........

Anyway,just want to update my blog to refresh all my daily life.I have uploaded some of my 3D animal structure pictures.I choosen Bee as my animal in this assignment,hehe...

My Bee which is combined with don't know how many thousand cubes

My Bee with its sunflower.(Extra things that we made will be given extra marks)

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